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Aug 18, 2013 3:30pm PDT
, pop warner football for ethan. cheering practice for hannah. a road trip for the dog and mom christina to jim's house. he had been asking the andersons to visit for some time. >> they were getting together for some type of family gathering. >> reporter: bill gore is san diego county sheriff. >> he led people to believe he was going to be losing his house and this would be a farewell party at his house. >> reporter: for hannah and ethan, the cabin had always been lots of fun. brett anderson is their father and christina's husband. >> the kids and myself in san diego would go up there and stay the night and we would ride a go cart or do whatever, you know? be like camping out because of his cabin. >> reporter: the man they called uncle jim, one of brett's best friends had known the kids since they were born. >> jim was a very good friend of the family. >> reporter: jennifer willis and christina grew up like sisters. jen and tysona part of a big and boisterous extended family. >> he spent time with us and we loved him. he was fun. he was a great guy. tina was a good friend to him. he had
Aug 17, 2013 3:30pm PDT
>>> good evening. i'm anderson cooper. for nearly two weeks the story of hannah anderson has captured the attention of the nation, a story of betrayal by a devoted family friend, a thousand-mile cross country pursuit by hundreds of law enforcement agents, and a dramatic shoot outin the dense idaho wilderness. tonight the inside story. hear from friends, family, and the people who helped save an innocent young girl. miguel marquez reports, "kidnapped, the rescue of hannah anderson." >> reporter: what began with fire became murder and man hunt. >> the level of intensity in this investigation is incredible. a best friend turned enemy. >> a gentleman who was a friend of ours for a long time has taken everything. >> reporter: hundreds in desperate pursuit of one teen in grave danger. >> the amber alert was on and i see a picture of this blonde haired girl. i said, that's the girl we seen up on the mountain. >> reporter: kidnapped. the rescue of hannah anderson. it was going to be a normal summer weekend for the andersons. pop warner football for 8-year-old ethan. cheerleading prac
Aug 17, 2013 3:00pm PDT
case of 16-year-old hannah anderson including letters from the teen found inside her captor's home. details on that right after this break. you tell us what you want to pay, and we give you a range of coverages to choose from. who is she? that's flobot. she's this new robot we're trying out, mostly for, like, small stuff. wow! look at her go! she's pretty good. she's pretty good. hey, flobot, great job. oops. [ powers down ] uh-oh, flobot is broken. the "name your price" tool, only from progressive. call or click today. ♪ it's about where you're going. the new ram 1500. best-in-class 25 mpg. ♪ north american truck of the year. ♪ the truck of texas. ♪ better residual value than ford and chevy. it's the fastest-growing truck brand in america. guts. glory. ram. glass on floors. daily chores. for the little mishaps you feel use neosporin to help you heal. it kills germs so you heal four days faster. neosporin. use with band-aid brand bandages. saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at female narrator: the mattre
Aug 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
near enough? >>> and the latest from the hannah anderson investigation, she's set to make her first public appearance since the abduction any minute. that will happen this hour. we'll go there. let's go "outfront." >>> good evening, everyone, i'm erin burnett, and "outfront" we begin with the breaking news of the dow dropping, nearly 350 points in the last 48 hours. the biggest selloff for stocks in nearly two months. the president of bianco research joins me. what is calls this? you have companies really big, important ones like walmart saying we're worried, things aren't as good as we thought? at the same time some economic data on jobs seems to be better than what people thought. so what's the problem? >> that is the problem. it's a conflict that wall street is trying to struggle with. it all comes back to the federal reserve and whether or not the stimulus that the federal reserve has been giving us through quantitative ceasing will continue. they were worried about the claims of unemployment insurance to the lowest levels than 2007 that the federal reserve might pull back on th
Aug 15, 2013 4:00am PDT
next package. >>> and new details in the kidnapping saga of hannah anderson. new details released overnight. >>> and a major breakthrough that is said to lower men's risk of getting prostate cancer. >>> and welcome back. the cash-strapped u.s. postal service is making more changes to take on rivals like fedex. the agency is now offering free online tracking for priority mail shipments, free insurance and date-specific delivery. the moves come as the postal service is reeling from losses this year, totalling $3.9 billion. >>> cisco systems is cutting 4,000 jobs. it's about 5% of the company's workforce. the job cuts come after weaker sales in japan, china and europe. >>> apple's struggling stock is starting to show signs of life. surpassing the $500 share mark for the first time since january. the surge comes after investor carl icahn said he purchased a large chunk of the company's stock. >>> car seat rules may be changing yet again. an amendment to next year's motor vehicle safety standards will require that car seats be secured by a seat belt and top tether rather than the lap s
Aug 16, 2013 2:00am PDT
." thanks for watching. "early start" begins now. >>> a surprise from 16-year-old kidnapping victim, hannah anderson. her first public appearance since being rescueed from the man police say murdered her brother and mother. >>> day of anger in egypt. protesters promising to return to the streets after hundreds were slaughtered by the country's military. we are live there. >>> trouble brewing in the tropics. the storm set to soak parts of the country this weekend. what you can expect and what has indra petersons so concerned. >> it's a long explanation. she promises to dumb it down this morning. >> so even we can understand it. >> good morning, welcome to "early start." i'm zoraida sambolin. >> am john berman, it is friday and i need it. it is august 16th. >>> a teenage girl kidnapped and taken on a 1,000 mile journey made her first public appearance. as we find out more about what was found inside the home of the man that took her captive. we have the story. >> hannah anderson's arrival at a family function was a surprise. >> this was an unexpected reunion. all our friends were here. itis l
Aug 17, 2013 10:00am PDT
:00 a.m. >>> kidnapping survivor, hannah anderson, appeared in public for the first time this week. she was rescued in the wilderness in idaho last saturday. a week after a family friend abducted her. on thursday night, her family and friends held a fund-raiser for her and as casey reports, she made a surprise appearance. >> hannah anderson looked uncomfortable, perhaps scare d s she hurried past a dozen cameras or more without speaking to reporters. once she was inside, people there said she was more comfortable. what she wanted to accomplish was to thank all of those people who have supported her throughout her ordeal and are continuing to support her going forward. hannah anderson's arrival at a fund-raiser for her family came as a surprise to her relatives and friends. >> this night was an unexpected reunion, honestly. >> the media were invited to the restaurant, but weren't allowed inside. >> hannah sends her love. she's doing good, day by day and we'll just keep moving forward from here. >> wearing hannah strong and pray for hannah t-shirts, neighbors, friends and the teenager's g
Aug 19, 2013 7:00pm EDT
and disturbing development tonight in the hannah anderson investigation. her kidnapper left all of his money to one person. we have that for you. let's go "outfront". good evening, everyone. i'm erin burnett. "outfront" tonight, a developing story. idaho burning. a dangerous wildfire out of control and threatening to destroy thousands of hopes including multimillion-dollar homes of celebrities like arnold schwarzenegger and tom hanks. here you just see a lot of fire. it's the beaver creek fire about six miles south of ketchum. it's just a few miles away from the resort town of sun valley. ted rowlands is in haley tonight. and when i look at those maps, it's right there think look tal highway. what are you seeing? >> reporter: well, it has been growing so quickly. and it is huge. you mentioned at 100,000 acres or 1,000 firefighters plus. we're expecting new numbers in the next few hours and the hope is that they had a good day today and have more containment. but there are 5,000 homes that are potentially in danger here. and you mentioned a lot of them are very high dollar homes. in fact priv
Aug 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
is being called in egypt as the country braces for new violence. >>> kidnapped teen hannah anderson surs publicly just days after being rescued. >>> plus, an 8-month-old escapes mostly unharmed in a high speed chase. >>> a major dog food recall to tell you about. "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for friday, august 16th. >>> good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. -- i'm richard lui. we begin with an unsettles report this morning about the national security agency report onnedly breaching privacy rules thousands of times each year. "the washington post" reports the nsa has broken those rules or overstepped legal authority since 2008. a may 2012 audit obtained by the post counted more than 2,700 sdenlts in the pryor 12 months alone, most of them involved the unauthorized surveillance of americans or former intelligence targets in the united states. they range from significant violations of law to typos resulted in the unintended interception of communication. in a statement the nsa said in part, quote, when the nsa makes a mistake in carrying out its foreign
Aug 22, 2013 4:00pm PDT
at home and check it out on two, instead. we'll show you coming up. >> plus, kidnapping survivor hannah anderson speaking for the first time setting the records straight explaining why she exchanged texts and letters with her kidnapper. >> disturbing discovery found near one of queen >>> two weeks from now the new bay bridge should be open and functioning. it's not just cars on it there is a bike path and pedestrian walkway and today, we got a look at what is still to come. hi, heather. >> hi, carolyn. the new bay bridge bike path is a continuation of the bay trail beginning on land atd shell mound and connect all the way to yerba buena and treasure island. these are 650 feet installed over the five day weekend closure. a section of the current westbound upper deck has to make way for them. >> starting at 8:00 we're going to start demolishing back to the ground. the upper deck, which is the web side. >> the rest of the path is complete, almost to treasure island ask will be another year where before the connection is done. the path will be open to the public at 10:00 a.m. september 3. c
Aug 14, 2013 7:00pm PDT
. >>> later tonight, hannah anderson tells her story and why she's glad the man that kidnapped her is dead. >>> stop and frisk, the controversy continues as a war of words continues over a key question. is it plain old good policing or old-fashioned racial profiling. we'll call in philadelphia's police chief to referee. >>> we begin with breaking news, the war, yes, the war being fought tonight on the streets of egypt and the huge problem it's become for the obama administration. at this hour, states of emergencies in effect across the country and at least 278 people, mostly opposition members in cairo are dead. this is new video of egyptian security forces raiding one of two opposition camps this morning. they moved in this morning. you can hear shooting in the background as troops kick a wounded man around. a protester that escaped one of the camps said it's an open car. new video of muslim brotherhood fighters pushing an armored personnel carrier off the 6th of october bridge. unlike then, the images coming in, the images you are seeing now reflect plenty of desperation. supporters have
Aug 16, 2013 3:00am PDT
than the other dummies. i digress. >> that was a good looking dummy. >>> we begin with hannah anderson making her first public appearance since that dramatic rescue last saturday. here she is showing up at a fund-raiser as police release even more shocking details from inside suspect james dimaggio's home. cnn's casey wian is in san diego with the latest on that. good morning, krasy. >> reporter: good morning, chris. as she hurried past more than a dozen cameras hannah anderson looked like any girl who has been in a terrifying ordeal to look, she looked a little bit scared. hannah anderson's arrival at a fund-raiser for her family came as a surprise to her relatives and friends. >> this night was an unexpected reunion, honestly. all our friends were here. it was like we haven't skipped a beat. >> reporter: the media were invited to boll weevil restaurant in lakeside, california, but weren't allowed inside during the reunion. >> hannah sends her love. she's doing good day by day and we'll keep moving forward from here. >> reporter: wearing "hannah strong" and "pray for hannah" t-shirts,
Aug 22, 2013 4:00am PDT
in the hannah anderson kidnapping case. her family has denied reports that hannah's alleged abductor could have been her biological father. this after the family of now deceased james dimaggio requested dna samples. the andersons say hannah's mother did not nemeet dimaggio until she was 6 months pregnant with hannah. >>> beachgoers in russia scrambled to get out of the way of a huge 400-person military hovercraft that inexplicably landed on the beach. can you imagine seeing this? the vessel was reportedly out for a routine training exercise. >>> in health news, the "new york times" reports doctors in india suspect a child might be suffering from spontaneous human combustion. that's right. the report says this 3-month-old baby boy has burst into flames four times. scientists are skeptical about shc and doctors treating him say they haven't come to any conclusion but are carrying out tests. the baby's parents deny any foul play. >> announcer: "early today" health is brought to you by vagisil ph balance wash. >>> now for business news we turn to courtney reagan. >> good morning, betty. investors a
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm PDT
, without them i wouldn't be here. >> she chairs her story with nbc. what hannah anderson reswrieshls about the week she was held against her will. >>> and a shocking admission from the army private that likes classified material to which i can oh whiikileaks. >>> a letter that claims a bombshell announcement. bradley manning sent it to "the today show" one day after he was sentenced to 35 years in prison for leaking classified material. the army private says he wants to be called chelsea and live the remainder of his life as a woman. daniel lee has more on the announcement and the debate it's prompting about transgender equality. >> reporter: after struggle with gender identity for yeeshs and posing in a picture wearing lipstick and a blond wig, brandly manning now called chelsea, officially announced plans to change genders through a statement read on "the today show." >> i want to begin hormone therapy as soon as possible. >> reporter: those words set off a debate about transgender civil rights. unlike the federal bureau of prison, which by policy considers hormone therapy for inmates th
Aug 22, 2013 12:00pm PDT
on alert, the warning police are issuing. >>> kidnapping victim hannah anderson gave her first interview about her abduction. hannah anderson described herself as a survivor and thanked her supporters and reveals new information about her relationship with james lee dimaggio. >> reporter: hannah anderson spoke to nbc for the first time about her kidnapping and rescue. >> in the beginning i was a victim but now knowing everyone is helping me i am a survivor. >> reporter: hannah anderson was kidnapped by james lee dimaggio. mese would find the bodies of her mother and brother at his burned home. hannah anderson responded to questions about why she exchanged text messages with james lee dimaggio. >> they were text because he was picking me up from cheer camp and he didn't know the address so i had to tell him the address and tell him i would be in the gym. >> reporter: she also explained why she sent him letters. >> letters were from a year ago when me and my mom weren't getting along. we would talk about how to deal with it. i would tell him how i felt about it and he would help me through
Aug 17, 2013 6:00am PDT
. >>> we are learning more about the events of the day leading up to the day hannah anderson disappeared and how she was discovered. she is with family a week after being rescued from the wilderness. we have two reports. we begin with joe in california. >> reporter: as hannah anderson reconnects with friends and family, we are learning more about the investigation of her disappearance and murder of her mother and brother. ammunition and letters from hannah were found in james dimaggio's home. it's not clear what was said in the letters. court documents show they made 13 phone calls to each other before both of their phones were turned off the day investigators say hannah was kidnapped. the sheriff is revealing details about what happened when fbi agents confronted the suspect in idaho. >> he had a rifle. fired one round. lowered the rifle to shoulder height, fired one more round and was immediately shot by members of the hostage rescue team. >> reporter: the story brings back memories for danielle. she says dimaggio's father, james dimaggio sr. threatened to kill her. she was 16, the sam
Aug 14, 2013 5:30pm PDT
surprising account. >> reporter: what 16-year-old hannah anderson has been through is extraordinary. what she did after she was rescued is actually quite ordinary, at least for modern teenagers. she went online. writing about her alleged kidnapper. "he got what he deserved," hannah wrote about james dimaggio, who was shot and killed last weekend in the backwoods of idaho. the postings appeared on the social networking site ask-fm, which allows readers to ask questions. a source briefed on the case confirmed hannah responded to more than 100 questions, including, "why didn't you try to escape? especially when those four horseback riders spotted you in the woods?" "he had a gun and threatened to kill me and anyone who tried to help," hannah responded. authorities say dimaggio, a long-time family friend, murdered hannah's mother and her 8-year-old brother. their bodies found in his burning home near san diego. on the website, hannah says dimaggio tied them up in the garage and rigged the fire to start after he kidnapped her. "i wish i could go back in time and risk my life to try to save theirs.
Aug 22, 2013 6:30pm EDT
exclusive, kidnapping survivor hannah anderson sets the record straight for the first time since her harrowing ordeal. "nightly news" begins now. >> announcer: from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news with brian williams". >>> good evening, i'm lester holt in for brian. they are horrifying images that will instinctively make you want to look away, yet they can't be ignored. in a long war that's brought death and misery to both sides, the video evidence of what may have happened inside syria, a mass chemical will weapons attack, has shocked the world. hundreds, many children, are dead. tonight the claims of a chemical attack have still not been verified. from the syrian regimes, denials, which the obama white house which for a year has called the chemical weapons use in syria a red line is now being cautious as it calls for an investigation. you're about to see what the rebels say is the evidence, some of it very graphic. our chief foreign correspondent richard engel joins us now with that. richard? >> reporter: good evening, lester. more videos emerge f
Aug 17, 2013 3:00pm EDT
hannah anderson makes her first public appearance. hear about her demeanor and what her father is saying about her future. >>> plus, it's a place detailed in sci-fi flicks, so where alien spaceships land and never leave? now the government reveals the truth about the super secret area 51. >>> we start in london where police are looking into new information about the death of princess diana. they have not given any details about it, but they just announced today they are, quote, scoping information that has recently been received, end quote. atika schubert will be joining us shortly with more information on what british police are willing to reveal. >>> in the meantime, here in the u.s., the beaver creek wildfire in idaho is still raging, and the blaze has continued to spread, sending massive walls of fire perilously close to homes and resorts in the sun valley area. some 64,000 acres have already been destroyed. at least 1600 homes have been evacuated, and idaho governor butch otter is urging other residents to leave, saying firefighters need to fight the fire, not go on rescue missions.
Aug 16, 2013 12:00pm PDT
. police say it's unknown if the two incidents are related. >>> hannah anderson made her first public appearance since being rescued. it happened last night outside of san diego. >> give her some room, guys. back up. >> back up. >> the 16-year-old was shielded from the press as she attended a fund-raiser to help pay for the funerals of her mother and brother. while hannah did not talk to reporters, her father says she's overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. >> hannah sends her love. she sends her love. and we'll just take it day by day. >> newly-released documents are raising questions about the relationship between hannah anderson and the investigators. items found, letters from hannah, handcuffs, double tape. the contest -- duct tape, the contents have not been revealed. >>> a shooting happened after 11:00 last night on the 800 block of 100th avenue. police say the two victims both in their 20s were sitting in a car when someone either walked up or drove up and opened fire. shell casings littered the street. police confirm they came from some type of rifle. police have
Aug 15, 2013 1:40am PDT
pearl protects better. >>> hannah anderson, the teenage girl who survived a frightening kidnap ordeal is sharing her story. >> just two days after her rescue, hannah went online to share her story. here's abc's ryan owens. >> reporter: what 16-year-old hannah anderson has been through is extraordinary, what she did afterward is ordinary for modern teenagers. she went online, writing about her alleged kidnapper. he got what he deserved hannah wrote about james dimaggio, shot and killed by the fbi last weekend in the backwoods of idaho. postings appeared on askfm which allows readers to ask questions. a source briefed on the case confirms hannah responded to more than 100 of them including -- why didn't you try to escape? especially when the four horseback riders spotted you in the woods? he had a gun and threatened to kill me and anyone who tried to help, hannah responded. authorities say dimaggio, a long-time family friend, murdered hannah's mother and 8-year-old brother. their bodies found in his burning home near san diego. on the website, hannah says dimaggio tied them up in the ga
Aug 16, 2013 5:30pm PDT
of hannah anderson. the teen rescued from the woods. last night seen in public for the first time since her rescue in idaho. attending a reception in her honor. tonight here new developments. new court documents explaining some of the horror. here's ryan owens now. >> reporter: on the same day kidnapping victim hannah anderson made her first public appearance since her ordeal -- at a fundraiser in southern california thursday -- authorities released more search warrants detailing what authorities found in james dimaggio's burnt home. they discovered a handwritten note from dimaggio and letters from hannah in the home, but will not reveal the contents of either. >> this was not a spur of the moment homicide/arson. this was well thought out. >> reporter: detectives found ammunition, an arson wire, incendiary devices. the documents also reveal investigators believe dimaggio set off two separate blazes. one in the house where the charred remains of hannah's 8-year-old brother, ethan, were found. and one in the garage, where firefighters discovered hannah's mother, christina, facedown under a ta
Aug 16, 2013 4:00am PDT
hannah anderson makes her first public appearance. >>> a historic change may be coming to the rules of america's pastime. major league baseball announces plans to expand instant replay on the field. >>> and it's two pounds of fur and fangs. scientists introduce a new species yis to the world. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, august 15th, 2013. >>> good morning. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin in egypt where the muslim brotherhood is calling for nationwide protests today. hundreds were killed wednesday when security forces moved in on morsi supporters and the violence that followed. this morning the government authorized the use of deadly force against protessers who target police and public building. jericka duncan has more. >> reporter: the potential for violence and even more deaths is high today in egypt as both sides have called for demonstrations after friday prayers. the death toll for wednesday clashes has officially surpassed 600, and it continues to rise. some funerals are already being held, but so many people were killed the week that familie
Aug 14, 2013 9:00pm PDT
in egypt. >>> the breaking news about the kidnapping of hannah anderson. search warrants with shocking details including dimaggio may have tortured hannah's mother and brother. autopsy shows he was shot five times the cause of death will not be formally determined until toxicology tests have been performed. hannah is speaking out about what happened to her. she answered questions from strangers by strangers on joining me is charles sophi, the psychiatrist of the l.a. county department of family and children services. extraordinary revelations coming out from the warrants issued. according to these documents james dimaggio torch and killed his best friend's wife and 8-year-old son and shot the dog after a double homicide and set the house on fire. he goes in to more detail about that. it also, if you couple it with the revelations from hannah anderson in this very far-reaching series of questions and answers with random strangers, she revealed more details about why she had no idea apparently what happened to her mother and son and he befriended her that he needed help in carryi
Aug 14, 2013 10:00pm PDT
>>> breaking news, a massacre in egypt and a bloody mess for washington. later tonight, hannah anderson tells the story of her abduction and why she is glad the man who kidnapped her, a close family friend, is dead. the controversy continues as new york and chicago start a war of words over a key question, is it plain old good policing or old-fashioned racial profiling wch he call in the philadelphia police chief to referee. we begin with breaking news. the war fought on the streets of egypt and the huge problem it has become for the obama administration. at this hour, state of emergency is in effect across the country and 278 people, mostly opposition members, mostly in cairo, are dead. this is video of egyptian security forces raiding one of the camps there. they moved in accompanied by tear gas and live ammunition. you can hear shooting in the background as troops kick a wounded man around. said a protester who escaped, it is an open war. the raids touching off battles. muslim brotherhood fighters pushing an armored personnel carrier off the bridge. it is a rallying point le
Aug 20, 2013 11:00pm PDT
now wants a paterny test. . >> the family of the man who kidnaps the san diego teenager hannah anderson wants a paternity test. he could be her father and the father of her brother. he killed the kids mom before setting the house on fire. the fbi shot and killed him and rescued hannah. the family thinks it is strange that his life insurance was to hannah's grandmother. >>> tonight another big event could be coming to the stadium a year later. it is plenty of smack downs. >> reporter: the mother of all spectacles could be coming to the bay area. >> it is like the superbowl, the world serious. it is the show that every wrestler dreams of. >> reporter: like the stadium in new jersey, thisstadium is competing with philadelphia. >> it isn't too blue collar for the bay area? >> there were orchards out here and we were picking them. >> reporter: it will be a big moral morale boost for local talent. >> it isn't for everyone. >> reporter: w.w.e. would be the first big event before the superbowl. >> if they can one up the nfl they will do it. >> reporter: bay area wrestling could be here
Aug 17, 2013 5:00pm PDT
. >> hannah anderson's father spoke out today about his daughter and their future. they attended a car wash fund-raiser. it was organized to help cover funeral expenses for her mother and brother. a neighbor organized the event. hannah's father thanked the public for their support. >> it's wonderful that they are out here helping her and everything. right now, she just wanted to come out and thank these people personally. >> is it difficult? >> it's very difficult. every moment is difficult for her. thank you very much. >> funeral services for the mother and brother are said to take place on august 24th. their bodies were discovered at the burned out property of james lee dimaggio. he fled with hannah, sparking an amber alert that spread across six states. he was shot to death six days later. >>> security forces cleared a cairo mosque for those in support of mohammad morsi. hundreds of morsi supporters took refuge in a mosque. security forces entered today and tried to persuade the protesters to lead. they later stormed the barricade and took them inside and led some away as well. >>> comin
Aug 17, 2013 5:30pm PDT
. >> a week after hannah anderson is freed, more from the eyewitnesss who provided the big break. >> and boston four months after their world was shattered. >> announcer: this is nbc nightly news with lester holt. substituting tonight, snow. >> good evening. another violent day to end a bloody week in egypt as the country decents further into chaos. the 13wri78 government may ban the muslim brotherhood, the party of mohamed morsi. supporters had been battling with security forces since wednesday when the government launched a crack down. since then officials say almost 900 people have been killed, more than 3,000 injured and more than 1100 people have been arrested. we have complete coverage tonight beginning once again with nwc's correspondent richard angle on the ground. >> good evening, kate. more gunfire in cairo as egyptian forces moved in to clear out supporterses of the muz 4ri78 brotherhood from a mosque and growing signs in the country of civil unrest. egyptians are turning on each other. supporters of the muslim brotherhood took shelter in a cairo mosque, terrified if t
Aug 15, 2013 11:00am PDT
of 16-year-old hannah anderson that set off a six day manhunt. newly released search warrants reveal what was going on before the teen was abducted on august 4. investigators say james dimaggio exchanged more than a dozen calls beforehand now was picked up from cheerleading practice. both phones everyone turned off a few hours later. dimaggio took hannah on several recent day trips to mall but and hollywood. the day of the abduction officials believe dimaggio's sister was possibly helping dimaggio with the two speaking on the phone that day. hannah's mother and brother were tortured and killed before the house was set on fire. the f.b.i. rescued hannah on saturday and killed dimaggio during the confrontation in the idaho wilderness. >> this afternoon, a bicyclist is sentenced in san francisco after pleading guilty to physical any manslaughter in the first conviction of its kind in the nation. chris will not serve jail time but will be sentenced to three years' probation and the thousand hours of community service. he fatally hit a 71-year-old in the castro district while walking with
Aug 16, 2013 1:40am PDT
community pleads for restraint. >> also this morning, showing strength. hannah anderson appears in public for the first time since her kidnapping nightmare. as details emerge about what she and her family endured. >> plus, shedding a few pounds can mean parting with a few dollars. we'll share tips on how to trim the fat on a gym budget. ? the skinny -- >> breaking barriers, a pro athlete in the most macho of sports comes out. it's friday, august 16th. >> announcer: from abc news, this is "world news now." >>> good morning. >> good morning, everybody. look who it is. the nicest guy in the building. >> oh. >> i have to tell you, you got a ringing endorsement from our old friend, rob nelson. everybody out there knows. i told him you were filling in. he said, "gio is nicer than disneyland." >> i love disneyland. >> we are excited to have you here. so you have been with us for how long now? >> seven months. >> seven months. >> you have essentially traveled the entire country. it feels like people hear your voice, you are some where different every time. >> it's awesome. >> have you had a day o
Aug 19, 2013 8:00pm PDT
for the southern california man, who police say kidnapped 16-year old hannah anderson. and killed her mother and brother. james dimaggio left 112- thousand dollars. to hannah anderson's paternal grandmother. a dimaggio family spokesman says, he does not know why dimaggio did this. but he believes it is meant to benefit hannah. dimaggio has a sister, but did not name her as his beneficiary when he selected one back in 20-11. f-b-i agents killed dimaggio in a shootout 10- days ago. in the idaho wilderness. hannah was rescued. and is now back at home. happening now-- a sad end tonight for a stranded whale. the 42-foot fin whale. washed up this morning on stinson beach. and died before help could arrive. kron 4's scott rates is live at stinson beach. where a massive effort is underway to bury the whale. scott? >> crows are wrapping up just a few minutes ago and you can see the area of the beach where they buried that larger mammals. >> all day long this has been such a pictures and eyeballing this 42 ft. long beast appeared >> the 10 baton whale died two hours later and they have been performing
Aug 22, 2013 5:00pm EDT
by the man who killed her mom and brother. crazy story. >> tonight hannah anderson is talking about what she went through and why she texted more than a dozen times the day she was taken. >> if you want to get your order wrong in the driveway do you just deal with it? not these people. it turned into a brawl. >> and a tough talking tv doctor but did his latest tweet cross the line line? what dr. phil said that got him into trouble. . >>> continuing coverage tonight as kidnapping victim hannah anderson talks about what she went through. >> she has a lot to say. she answer aid few questions online but agreed to a sit down interview after police said that she and the man exchanged more than a dozen calls and texts the day of her kidnapping. emily has more. >> reporter: hannah spoke publicly to nbc for the first time about her kidnapping and rescue. >> in the beginning i was a victim but now knowing everybody out there is helping me i consider myself a survivor. >> reporter: it was august 4th when she was allegedly kidnapped by family friend james dimaggio. police would later find the bodi
FOX News
Aug 15, 2013 4:00pm PDT
and son and kidnapped the 16-year-old daughter hannah anderson. the murder and kidnapper shot dead by police. hannah anderson, we are told. will take to the microphone any moment to tell the story of her harrowing ordeal. we'll bring it to you live when it happens. first from fox this thursday night a crucial american ally is in turmoil and spiraling out of control. egyptian say more than 600 people are dead in the latest fighting there. and now we know the muslim brotherhood is planning a mass finale tomorrow mass challenge against its government. this was the scene a short while ago. fires on the road. earlier the government officially gave police the go ahead to use deadly force against protesters. these protesters have been burning christian churches and government buildings. and attacking security forces. tonight, all evidence shows this is getting worse, not better. and as fox reports tonight, we cannot know how bad it will get. but, much may destabilize the entire region. [gunfireself] >> shepard: this all began in earnest yesterday when riot police were cracking down on pro
Aug 15, 2013 8:00am PDT
our legal stories we're covering. brand new details that have come out on the kidnapping of hannah than der s anderson. t search want lays out some things found. >> also miss teen usa, sextorted. she gets an e-mail from a man who says he hacked into a weapon cam and snapped pictures of her and wants money. and $9 million is the bond that has been set for this doctor, a doctor accused of dishing chemotherapy to patients whether they needed it or not. find out why coming up. also, did you realize your e-mails on google's g-mail might not be as private as you think? they're not. we'll explain this coming up on this hour of the legal view. respect ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ hooking up the country helping business run ♪ ♪ build! we're investing big to keep our country in the lead. ♪ load! we keep moving to deliver what you need. and that means growth, lots of cargo going all around the globe. cars and parts, fuel and steel, peas and rice, hey that's nice! ♪ norfolk southern what's your function? ♪ ♪ helping this big country move ahead as one ♪ ♪ n
Aug 21, 2013 4:00pm PDT
kidnapped hannah anderson want her to take a dna test. >>> and then a question and then it was quickly deleted. some people think the tweet condoned a horrible act. jerry springer is our guest. >>> and for football fans the way you watch the great american past time may be about to change forever. [ male announcer ] this store knows how to handle a saturday crowd. ♪ [ male announcer ] the parking lot helps by letting us know who's coming. the carts keep everyone on the right track. the power tools introduce themselves. all the bits and bulbs keep themselves stocked. and the doors even handle the checkout so we can work on that thing that's stuck in the thing. [ female announcer ] today, cisco is connecting the internet of everything. so everyone goes home happy. to prove to you that aleve is the better choice for her, she's agreed to give it up. that's today? [ male announcer ] we'll be with her all day to see how it goes. [ claira ] after the deliveries, i was okay. now the ciabatta is done and the pain is starting again. more pills? seriously? seriously. [ groans ] all these stops
Aug 17, 2013 7:00am EDT
nationwide protests. >>> new this morning, letters from hannah anderson found in the alleged kidnapper's home. what do they mean? >>> the biopick about steve jobs is out. why are they sparring over it? >>> is the blackberry dying? why the phone could be on its last legs. >>> good morning, everyone. welcome to "weekends with alex witt". let's get to what's happening out there. a developing news from a situation right now in egypt. it is critical. the muslim brotherhood protesters calling for a week of peaceful protests. an estimated 100 people were killed and over 1,000 arrested yesterday. but those numbers expected to rise. nbc news richard engel was on the front line in cairo's ramsey square. >> protesters are taking cover under this elevated highway. seem to be taking live fire from a police station just up the road. >> wounded were hoisted onto motorcycles and taken to clinics. some already looked dead. >> for more i'm joined by p.j. crowley, a fellow at the george washington university institute for tkhreupt seu and global communications. just your reaction to what we're seeing. the viole
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